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  • With 3 amateur chefs in residence, the kitchen is definitely the heart of our home. Here's some of what we've cooked in the past week, incorporating seasonal and local ingredients, as well as what's on sale at our favorite stores.

    SUNDAY: Spicy Salmon Florentine, mixture of brown rice & wild rice with pesto and dried cranberries.

    MONDAY: Ray's amazing rosemary-roasted chicken (fill cavity with 2 limes cut in half, the peeled cloves of a full head of garlic, and a large handful of fresh rosemary ... bake at 425 until crisy and done), with Victoria's equally-amazing garlic-roasted Yukon Gold potatoes, raw veggie crudites, and fresh peas.

    TUESDAY: Penne pasta tossed with olive oil, garlic, and shredded leftover rosemary-roasted chicken.

    WEDNESDAY: Light late night bread-wine-and-cheese supper at our brand-new bistro style bar ... I baked a lovely rosemary focaccia to share with Ray after he attended an evening meeting.

    THURSDAY: Linguini with homemade creamy pesto sauce, topped with leftover sliced stuffed chicken breasts.

    FRIDAY: Potstickers, veggie fried rice.

    SATURDAY: "Early" Easter dinner at mother-in-law's in the afternoon, probably leftovers at home in the evening.